Wednesday, April 9, 2008

map of bike lanes in K-W. Next traffic pinch point.

Check out The Record online- it has great local coverage. Search for "snow removal" and "winter cycling" to get started.
D: this indicates the extent of bike lanes in town.
You can sometimes make it across town in lanes and on trails.
Sometimes not.
It often feels like 'islands' rather than a continuous path.

Today's traffic hazard picture is located behind the uptown Waterloo mall at Erb and Father David Bauer Drive. I plan to post these on Google Map and Flickr eventually.
It is a bit of work since I lack a GPS capable camera for geocaching. Anyway, this pic is from the uptown Waterloo side looking up Erb. To the right one can see a one-way street onto Erb. To the left is Caroline street behind the uptown mall. I am not sure what to make of this area.
In theory, a cyclist riding towards Erb on Caroline from behind the mall has a turn lane. The turn lane is between 2 car lanes. This left turn lane onto Erb spills out BETWEEN the lanes of traffic. Keep in mind, at the same time, one-way traffic is turning right off the opposing street onto Erb. Not only does this leave the cyclist moving 10-30kph between 2 lanes of 30-60kph traffic. No, it gets worse. We all know many lazy drivers like to drift across 2 lanes of traffic on a turn, despite being illegal. Well, I tried this cycle turn lane ONCE. Never again! I was in mortal terror for my life.
Without the one-way across the intersection, this could have worked. But I talked to another cyclist yesterday about this. We were both walking our bikes across the pedestrian walk instead.
I am curious if any cyclists use this lane at all.

Tomorrow: Ontario/local bicycle laws - not what you expect!
Plus: Another bike pinch point. Last night, if I had asserted my right of way, I would have been hit. Nobody I see ever stops their cars at this stop sign.

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