Saturday, August 30, 2008

as**ole of the MONTH.

I was biking home from work.
It is Friday night.
I am in the bike lane on Westmount towards University.
We're at a stop light.
I have 2 lights both fore and aft. I have a half-square foot of reflectors. I have lights mounted on my helmet.
Yes I KNOW it is dorky .
I just didn't expect someone to point that out...
I certainly didn't expect him to refer to me as looking like a (swear) then (insult).
He asked if I thought my helmet made me tough.
He was in the car with five people when he said this.

I said it was not my helmet that made me tough, and we could talk about that more if he stepped out of his car.
No takers.
He blustered a bit, as cowards and bullies are prone to do.
Then took off when the light changed.

I got his car license.

BCYW 317. Grey Toyota (?Honda), a very small sedan, grey.

Congratulations, you snot-nosed arrogant undergrad punk.
You just made the bike blog AS**OLE of the month.

It is sad that taking measures to improve my safety cycling at night beyond the minimum the law requires provokes insults.

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