Tuesday, April 17, 2012

rapid transit. bureaucratic obstruction.

D - Yesterday, I visited the Waterloo Regina 'n (behind uptown) government office. I asked where to find information on the future light rail rapid transit plan for uptown. The nice young woman behind the counter directed me to 150 Frederick in Kitchener, where the design & development department resides.
Today I went there. They said the demand for info by the public for details about the rapid transit project was so high in volume that they set up a new location. I do wish Veronica at reception the day before (when I called) had known that information.
I sent to the new location, on the 8th floor of tower at Weber 'n Queen in Kitchener. Once I arrived, I found a locked door that said knock. So I did. And did some more. Then I buzzed. And so on. There was no additional contact information posted.

We call that a 'brick wall'.
I need to know the zoomed-in details of plans for uptown before I can meaningfully discuss it with my councillor, or the mayor.

This is proving ridiculously difficult to do.

Driving downtown Kitchener today, I noticed they make do just fine with 1 lane each way. I wonder why Waterloo is so fixated on 2?

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