Friday, May 23, 2008

bike advocacy - and vigilantes

D: Toronto cyclist were so frustrated, they started painting their own bike lanes.
At the present rate, the city would need to take a CENTURY to meet their bike lane goals!

D: the 2 pics above are:
1) New York City stickers for jerks that park in bike lanes. I've seen a couple around here.
You can stop to pick up a passenger, taxi-style, in a bike lane.
You cannot stop the car and leave it.
If you do, you'll be showing up on my Hall of Shame.

2) the other pic is more somber.
D: when a cyclist dies, a bike is painted white with flowers and is chained to the area.
This does not clarify who was at fault, however.
I'd like to colour-code an online map for 'near misses' too.
I.e. injuries that were simply luckily not casualties.
This in turn ignores 'near hits', where it is just a matter of time.
I am safety rep, certified, for the workers in my factory.
An accident is just a series of risky events that finally culminated in an injury.

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